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A One-Stop Shop for COVID-19 Protection

Xam-Med is a trusted, full-service provider of testing and personal protection equipment to fight the Covid-19 outbreak.

Our Products

Protect your workers from potential hazards in the workplace with our personal protective equipment (PPE). We offer a complete range of protective clothing and equipment, including a wide variety of safety goggles, safety face masks and respirators, protective clothing and more. *

* Not all products available for sale in all markets. Please contact a sales associate for more information.


A complete line of products to protect your workers against bio-hazards.

Unequalled Quality
and Safety

Our products are designed, manufactured and tested with one objective - to protect workers and keep them safe.

Convenient, Fast Service
and Delivery

Xam-Med product are shipped to your door, supported by our expert team of after sales consultants.

Diagnostic Test Kits

COVID-19 Antibody Test Kits can be used for rapid screening of those infected with the COVID-19 virus (carriers), who have been symptomatic or asymptomatic. *

* Not approved for sale in the all markets. Please contact our sales associates for exact certifications and allowable uses.

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Xam-Med offers a full line of N95-U particulate respirator masks, general purpose face masks (MDM-U) as well N95 particulate respirator masks (N95-MU).

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Xam-med provides both PVC and nitrile gloves for general purpose and clinical use.

***Currently no supply available***

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Face Shields

Xam-Med’s disposable face shields are double-sided anti-fog with high temperature and impact resistance.

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Protective Goggles

The Xam-Med fully-sealed protective googles effectively protect users’ eyes from splash or impact from fluids or other objects.

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Protective Clothing

Xam-Med’s line of disposable personal protective clothing includes every-day use fluid-resistant gowns, Level 3 AAMI gowns and Level 4 Clinical gowns for all levels of fluid penetration resistance.

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Multi-mode Infrared Thermometers

Xam-Med infrared thermometers provide rapid, 1-second reading with fever alarm and automatic power-off when not in use.

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Xam-Med’s phosphate-free, chlorine-based disinfectant hand sanitizers are effective for general purpose cleaning and sanitizing.